Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist.

Oh Hi, I DO have a blog, I didn't forget really, just I'm not at a place right now where I have time for anything, and this blog suffers. However, today I have 5 minutes while I finish my "lunch" and I'm a bzzagent and have a product to review.

Disclaimer: I received a coupon for a free one of these, however, the opinions are all mine baby.

So I have NEVER used a spray air freshener in my home, but I got offered this Bzzcampaign and figured, oh why not, especially since a scented oil diffuser (which I have used, and have loved using in the past) was also included. We also have a few home odor problems that we're dealing with at the moment (OMG! SO another post) so I accepted the campaign.

First of all, these products? CRAZY hard to find. Went to several stores, and could only find the Pineapple Mangosteen fragrance. First of all, Mangosteen reminds me of langosteen and who wants their home to smell like lobster. However, I got over this thought and sprayed/smelled it in store. I HATED it, so yeah, not bringing that in my house. No one had the oil diffuser at all. Finally, my local pharmacy had the spray in 2 scents, the pineapple, and the Lavender and Juniper Berry. I love both of these so I was happy. (Although this time of year, I would have preferred the apple one.).

I brought the spray home, planning on using it in my "Mudroom" as the ag center next door smells so bad and the smell gets into the house every time the door opens. I liked that the holder thing is white, and that it is discreet. However, it's a bit hard to squeeze to get the fragrance out, and even if you spray it high and in short bursts, it gets on your skin and in your nose and feels yucky. The reason I dislike sprays in general is that you can feel it in the air and on you when you spray it, is overpowering at first, and doesn't last long/isn't subtle. I like my home to smell like a candle or oil is lit, gentle, non invasive, just a pleasant hint of something. I found this had many of the same characteristics. It was hard to spray, after spraying you felt like you had too much, then 5 minutes later it's completely gone. I would NEVER have it in my main house as I don't want that stuff in my baby's lungs and the wetness was pretty extreme. I felt it on myself for much longer than the scent lasted. Yuck.

As for the way it smelled in general, it was pretty. A very complex blend of the two herbs. I think that I would have loved it if it were the oil thingie. I am glad I got it for (almost) free, because I never would have paid for it.

I give it a 3/10. The fragrance is pretty, the container was ok, but the spray was even worse than a traditional one.

Sorry Glade, you still need to work to win me over.

I will amend this review if I ever find the oil diffuser thing.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ten List -Tuesday?! - Mommy

I'm not really back, I will make a grand reappearance though..eventually. But somehow I needed to write this post, right now. Inspired in part by Kelle Hampton.

Ten Mothers I want to be:

1. The one who doesn't use lack of a spare/clean/dry outfit as a reason to miss an adventure.

2. The one who teaches her children to react to the world (good and bad) with grace, class, dignity, and a great sense of example.

3. The one who knows how to be a mother, but doesn't forget how to be a playmate.

4. The one who doesn't laugh at her child's temper tantrum (no matter how funny) because it's not funny to her child.

5. The one who listens to everything the children tell her, and remembers that if she listens to the little things now, they will tell her the important things later. (And remembers that, to them, it was always important)

6. The one who will spontaneously take a day off of work, take the child out of school, and have a mommy child adventure day.

7. The one who offers love and support even when she doesn't agree with their choices.

8. The one who knows when to offer advice and when just to listen.

9. The one who remembers to think before she speaks because sometimes a passing comment which didn't mean much to the parent can hurt a child for years.

10. The one to whom the child and child's friends confide in no matter what and know that she is there for them.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I didn't forget I had a blog.

I'm just really swamped with 2 jobs, motherhood, wifehood, and housework right now. I have several posts have started and they are pretty dismal, and while I don't really edit my work, I also don't want to put crap on this blog either. So I'm putting The Sarah Lady on Hiatus until after the show.

See ya'll on March 12th with something special.

Until then Anything Goes! (Meaning, that's the show I'm working on hahaha)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ten List Thursday - Men's Fashion

Here are ten things that I drool over when a man wears (well). Things I like to add when I'm costuming (guess what inspired this) and want someone to look extra nice (or that Pat wears/I wish he would that make him even more handsome)

1. Waistcoat (AKA vest), it has to be fitted well, but oh man! does it make me weak in the knees (I think this may be part of my mini character crush on The Mentalist. That and the angst.)

2. Tie tack/clip. I don't like men who wear a lot of jewelry, but I understand wanting to inject a bit of personalization/sparkle into something like a plainer tie. Plus, I love any detail that completes a look.

3. Cuff-links. What is it about french cuffs that look so suave? I have no clue. As in the above, I just think cuff-links add just the right flair without being gaudy. I think because they are on the wrist and not on the chest they can be a bit more whimsical. I've seen lego cuff-links (adorable as long as they're in the right color), D20 cuff-links for your geek (again...don't get bright yellow or something, but can be fun), or the classic onyx square. They are also cheap, you can always find cool vintage ones at estate sales, or custom made on They can be done wrong, but that's usually a scale issue. It's all about scale when dressing up. Also, you don't want them to catch on everything you walk by. This is why all of Pat's tux shirts now have french cuffs.

4. Blazer over a mock turtle neck. Now, I have seen this done wrong. Done right though, it's chic and sophisticated. Blazers/sportcoats in general are a good idea. Not only do they look good, but if you're cold, and your boyfriend/husband etc puts his over your shoulders to keep you warm, it's just a melt moment. *swoon*

5. Newsboy hats. I don't even know why. I just love them. (As a matter of fact, I like them on me too. I have a hat head though)

6. Well tailored suits. People say that suits are easy to wear, brainless even. I agree, but for the love of Pete people, get them tailored. No one is an off the rack size. Suits are designed to be fitted, often the shop will have the tailoring included in the cost of the suit. Fitted suits=hot, off the rack suit=sloppy.

7. Argyle. Socks, ties, sweaters, it's all good. Maybe it's my highland ancestry, but this Black Douglas(s) LOVES her argyle.

8. Pinstripes. Ok, pinstripes just look good on everyone. Lengthens legs, slimming, classic. Win.

9. Fitted leather jackets. Cool, yet sophisticated.

10. Peacoats. I don't need to elaborate on this one at all. Just do it.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ten List Thursday - Baby Gushing

In honor of her turning 18 months old, Here are ten (of the hundreds of things) that currently enthrall me about my daughter.

1. The little chipmunk laugh she does because it makes us laugh. If only I could get it on video. It's a cross between Alvin (of the Chipmunks) and Woody Woodpecker.

2. Her vocabulary which increases every day (and its converse, when she can't say, or doesn't want to try to say a word, she demures, shakes her head while grinning, and buries her face into something)

3. Watching her dance. My girl has moves.

4. The way she asks for "Anne?, Annie?!" when we get in the car because she's hoping we're going to see baby Anne. (Also, happy 6 months today Queen Anne, SB Auntie loves you!)

5. Her singing. She especially loves to start a song so that I'll finish it for/with her.

6. Hearing "Mommy" in her sweet little voice when she wakes up and wants me. Melts me every time.

7. Tickling her til she laughs so hard that she can barely breathe.

8. The way she has of sticking out her tongue halfway and then twisting it in her mouth so it's vertical.

9. That she wants to feed us bites of whatever she's eating. She is very generous and is always sharing.

10. Watching her play with the kitten, and when she's tired of it, she presses the cat wand into my hand and says "Help?" so I'll do it and she can just watch him jump.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

18 Months old

My baby girl is 18 Months old today. One and a Half. She's the joy of my life, and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world when I hear her call "Mama" or "Mommy" in the morning and see her entire face light up with I walk into her room, or to pick her up at the end of the day. I bought her some cookies at Insomnia Cookies today to celebrate with her and her daddy tonight. I am so lucky to have such an amazing husband, and daughter. Sorry about the gushing. I just get overwhelmed by it sometimes.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Project Organization - Upstairs Bathroom

I finished the first 2 weekly projects for my Project Organization. Monday (1/3/12), after work, I took myself, my camera, and one of my new label makers up to the bathroom. I was embarrassed to realize that, as my husband uses the downstairs bathroom for his toilette, the mess was mine. The fact that the bathroom needed a good cleaning was both of ours, but the disorganization was all me. Well, now it's organized and pretty, and I am mid-good old fashioned complete scrub down of it, followed by re-caulking the tub and re-painting the ceiling.

Under the jump is my progress.