Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ten List Thursday - uncommon courtesy

10 Items of courtesy that I thought were common (then again, I'm wrong a lot) and wish people would do again.

1. Waiting for people to exit an elevator before entering.

2. Saying "thank you" when someone holds a door open for you. Especially if they had to wait for you to arrive.

3. Saying "you're welcome" or something similar when someone says thank you to you.

4. Asking permission before sharing someone's seat on the bus. Especially if the person already there is busy doing something and may not have noticed you. It startles me when someone plunks down next to me without some warning.

5. Not touching other people's things. If my bag is in the way, simply ask me and I'd be happy to move it. I assume most people feel the same way.

6. Waiting for someone to finish speaking before you enter a conversation.

7. Saying "excuse me" when you need to squeeze by them. Giving them a dirty look for daring to be in your way is not exactly the same thing.

8. Moving aside to let someone pass. Especially if you are walking 3 abreast in a hallway designed for two and someone is trying to get down the hall and can't. Even more especially if they are pushing a cart of molten agar.

9. Not standing clumped in doorways having long conversations. People need to use those doors.

10. Waiting your turn. This includes when the light turns red, that doesn't mean that ONE more car gets to go. This holds everyone up and will possibly get you rear ended. You are not that special.


  1. 1 - Related, but I'm guilty of running through the door that Brad is holding for someone else. But I blame him for this. We'll be walking, he'll open the door and it appears as if he's opening it for me...but there's ALWAYS someone coming through the other direction that I manage to nearly walk right into. So is that his fault, my fault, or the bonehead who doesn't stop to move out of the way for the people walking through the door and instead just walks straight at me like a bull.

    Agreed on all of these!

  2. Ugh, seriously, I agree on every one of these. It's bizarre how much common courtesy is lacking in this world!

  3. Also a big UGH I AGREE for me, too! I get called out sometimes for being "too polite" but, I guess I'm just old fashioned, and I think people should be courteous no matter what the situation.

    #6 gets me the most though, on this list. Even people in my own family do this a lot, and it irks me beyond belief. Don't butt in until appropriate (if ever!), and don't talk over people, period!