Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I didn't forget I had a blog.

I'm just really swamped with 2 jobs, motherhood, wifehood, and housework right now. I have several posts have started and they are pretty dismal, and while I don't really edit my work, I also don't want to put crap on this blog either. So I'm putting The Sarah Lady on Hiatus until after the show.

See ya'll on March 12th with something special.

Until then Anything Goes! (Meaning, that's the show I'm working on hahaha)


  1. Do you mean see you on March 12th with something special as in a specific surprise something special, or just "something special" meaning "not random stuff but something nice/thoughtful in general"?

    Either way, your faithful Lippstastic reader will be waiting to read, I love your blog! :)

  2. Not sure what you mean Lippy? The post I have planned for my "Hey, I'm not too busy to sleep anymore" post on that day will have pictures, that's why it's special...nothing shocking or anything if that's what you mean. I'm pretty boring.

  3. You are never boring my dear *hugs*