Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ten List Thursday - Men's Fashion

Here are ten things that I drool over when a man wears (well). Things I like to add when I'm costuming (guess what inspired this) and want someone to look extra nice (or that Pat wears/I wish he would that make him even more handsome)

1. Waistcoat (AKA vest), it has to be fitted well, but oh man! does it make me weak in the knees (I think this may be part of my mini character crush on The Mentalist. That and the angst.)

2. Tie tack/clip. I don't like men who wear a lot of jewelry, but I understand wanting to inject a bit of personalization/sparkle into something like a plainer tie. Plus, I love any detail that completes a look.

3. Cuff-links. What is it about french cuffs that look so suave? I have no clue. As in the above, I just think cuff-links add just the right flair without being gaudy. I think because they are on the wrist and not on the chest they can be a bit more whimsical. I've seen lego cuff-links (adorable as long as they're in the right color), D20 cuff-links for your geek (again...don't get bright yellow or something, but can be fun), or the classic onyx square. They are also cheap, you can always find cool vintage ones at estate sales, or custom made on They can be done wrong, but that's usually a scale issue. It's all about scale when dressing up. Also, you don't want them to catch on everything you walk by. This is why all of Pat's tux shirts now have french cuffs.

4. Blazer over a mock turtle neck. Now, I have seen this done wrong. Done right though, it's chic and sophisticated. Blazers/sportcoats in general are a good idea. Not only do they look good, but if you're cold, and your boyfriend/husband etc puts his over your shoulders to keep you warm, it's just a melt moment. *swoon*

5. Newsboy hats. I don't even know why. I just love them. (As a matter of fact, I like them on me too. I have a hat head though)

6. Well tailored suits. People say that suits are easy to wear, brainless even. I agree, but for the love of Pete people, get them tailored. No one is an off the rack size. Suits are designed to be fitted, often the shop will have the tailoring included in the cost of the suit. Fitted suits=hot, off the rack suit=sloppy.

7. Argyle. Socks, ties, sweaters, it's all good. Maybe it's my highland ancestry, but this Black Douglas(s) LOVES her argyle.

8. Pinstripes. Ok, pinstripes just look good on everyone. Lengthens legs, slimming, classic. Win.

9. Fitted leather jackets. Cool, yet sophisticated.

10. Peacoats. I don't need to elaborate on this one at all. Just do it.


  1. I LOVE Argyle and I LOVE pinstripes! I also adore peacoats but every one I've ever owned, the buttons keep falling off! I need to find one that zips :)