Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ten List -Tuesday?! - Mommy

I'm not really back, I will make a grand reappearance though..eventually. But somehow I needed to write this post, right now. Inspired in part by Kelle Hampton.

Ten Mothers I want to be:

1. The one who doesn't use lack of a spare/clean/dry outfit as a reason to miss an adventure.

2. The one who teaches her children to react to the world (good and bad) with grace, class, dignity, and a great sense of humor...by example.

3. The one who knows how to be a mother, but doesn't forget how to be a playmate.

4. The one who doesn't laugh at her child's temper tantrum (no matter how funny) because it's not funny to her child.

5. The one who listens to everything the children tell her, and remembers that if she listens to the little things now, they will tell her the important things later. (And remembers that, to them, it was always important)

6. The one who will spontaneously take a day off of work, take the child out of school, and have a mommy child adventure day.

7. The one who offers love and support even when she doesn't agree with their choices.

8. The one who knows when to offer advice and when just to listen.

9. The one who remembers to think before she speaks because sometimes a passing comment which didn't mean much to the parent can hurt a child for years.

10. The one to whom the child and child's friends confide in no matter what and know that she is there for them.