Monday, January 9, 2012

Project Organization - Upstairs Bathroom

I finished the first 2 weekly projects for my Project Organization. Monday (1/3/12), after work, I took myself, my camera, and one of my new label makers up to the bathroom. I was embarrassed to realize that, as my husband uses the downstairs bathroom for his toilette, the mess was mine. The fact that the bathroom needed a good cleaning was both of ours, but the disorganization was all me. Well, now it's organized and pretty, and I am mid-good old fashioned complete scrub down of it, followed by re-caulking the tub and re-painting the ceiling.

Under the jump is my progress.

I added the rule that anything that was un-used after 2 years, or expired would also be tossed.



Yes, those are pirate bandages. Don't you wish you were this cool (HA!)

I want to eventually get baskets for under the sink, for now this works though.


  1. Do you have a pedestal sink? I have one of those in our downstairs guest bath, and while so pretty/classy, it stinks because there's no storage underneath! I ended up purchasing a $20 white beadboard cabinet with a drawer from Christmas Tree Shops to store our hand towels and other toiletries we needed down there.

    Your bathroom looks great! And I love that you're posting photos! Photos rock! :)

  2. Great job!!
    We have no medicine cabinet in our bathroom, but we do have a vanity with drawers. So evvverything is in little baskets or boxes with no lids.

  3. This looks amazing!! I've been needing to do this myself, and this is just the motivation I need. :)

    Our guest bath on the main level has a pedestal sink, and when we moved in, the original owners had added a separate "medicine cabinet"-type thing on the wall to hold TP, towels, and other stuff. Thank heavens, too, or we'd have nowhere to store anything!