Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ten List Thursday: Fitness

So I need to write a real post eventually, but here it is Thursday once again.

10 (of many) things I'm looking forward to about being a healthy weight again:

1. Helping my daughter to have a healthier relationship with food than I have..

2. Wearing clothes that fit, meaning new wardrobe baby!

3. Reclaiming my sweet little sundresses.

4. Not wanting to cry every time I look in a mirror undressed.

5. Not having to worry about friction burns on my legs (aka chub rub)

6. Having more energy (I'm already feeling this).

7. Throwing away my scale. (Once I'm to my healthy goal, I am only going to measure my health by the way I look/clothes fit...ok, and the wiifit...but sticking to BMI not weight on that). I hate cleaning the darn thing.

8. No more stockings/spanx/smoothers in the summer time.

9. Having my outer body be more as I picture it when I'm not looking in a mirror (does this make sense?)

10. Having a longer lifespan and healthspan, so I can enjoy things with my family for longer.


  1. I'm sorry, but "chub rub" made me LOL so hard!

  2. Some of these things are way too familiar to me. You ARE beautiful, though, just the way you are... but I can certainly understand wanting to be slimmer and healthier, 'cause I'm working on that myself.