Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ten List Thursday - if I had a million dollars (1)

I'm not one to keep to a theme much, but I'm always making ten lists in my head, and I thought instead of mentally playing with them and then forgetting them, I'd make it into a feature post instead.

This first one is a favorite one for me to imagine.

10 things I'd do if I had a couple million dollars, after I paid off all our debts, tithed, caught up on missed gifts, and gone to Disney with our friends. (Priorities people)

1. Buy a really nice wedding gift for my favorite security guard (I overheard that she was engaged, she doesn't know that I know which would make it all the more awesome)

2. Buy groceries and warm winter coats for the 2 homeless guys that I like [not coffee-snob-man (because I don't believe he's really homeless), or touch-people-before-soliciting-them-lady (because not punching her out of shear panic because no one touches my back so I assume every time that she's going to hurt me is enough of a reward for her, she scares me a lot)]

3. Drop a hundred dollar bill in the case of the awesome guys who plays show tunes on his sax in the afternoon some days on Marshall Street. He makes me smile.

4. Treat my favorite baristas to mani/pedis, just because they remember me and always smile at everyone even when the lines are long or people are rude.

5. Send something lovely to each of a certain group of girls I love more than they know and haven't been able to give them the attention they deserve lately.

6. Have professional organizers help me re-do the costume rooms of two high schools in which I have a vested interest. Completely with filling in missing pieces and new storage systems.

7. Randomly pick and go into a restaurant and pay for everyone's lunch.

8. Send Kelle Hampton (Enjoying the Small Things) and her lovely family something special just to say thank you for how much she influences my day for the better.

9. Give a stranger a make-over. (I do this mentally a lot, it would be so much fun to actually do it)

10. Restore French House (this is the only decent pic I could find, the main house is to the left in that picture, and my room is cut out) at my college Russell Sage College for Women where I lived for 3 out of my four years and especially to restore my room, which was original to the house (a tower room) that they removed for "safety reasons" thus the restoration was really just a cheap-o renovation. (Bitter? yes I am! That room was where I became the woman I am, it means a lot to me and I have many many happy memories there, and they tore it out like it was nothing)

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  1. Awesome post. Also you got to live in a tower? Jealous! My dream!