Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ten List Thursday - pregnancy/motherhood changes

So I know I haven't posted anything in a week, I need to and have a couple posts started, but it's Thursday and I have time for a quick ten list.

10 unexpected things that have changed for me since I got pregnant/had the baby. I did a lot of research when I was pregnant, so I'm not gonna talk about those changes that I expected, or the obvious ones. These are the things that surprised me.

1. My stick straight hair now has a definite wave to it. Having trouble getting used to dealing with it in my bangs.

2. Turtle necks. I used to love them, all warm and cozy and they cover up my icky thyroid scar. Now I can't stand them, to quote the late Mitch Hedberg "[it's] like being strangled by a really weak guy, all day".

3. Coordination, I has it. Ok, so not entirely, but all of the sudden I can catch things. I never was able to before.

4. I no longer enjoy most episodes of Law and Order:SUV or anything else that involves a child getting hurt/lost/losing a parent etc. I always thought I was way beyond all that. I mean I always cry at humane society (Damn you Sarah McLachlan, I hate you) and hallmark commercials, but this is crazy.

5. I no longer feel the same way about work at all. I never thought having a child would change that. Now all I want is to get home to her. Love my job, love the students, love my boss, but if I could afford to stay home with Evangeline, you bet your sweet bum that I would in a New York Minute. I hated being home when I was unemployed so I assumed I wouldn't want to stay home with the baby.

6. I see babies and pregnant people EVERYWHERE. I'm sure there were just as many before, but I think it's kind of link when you first get engaged and you start noticing other people's rings all the time.

7. I worry about making sure I still talk about other things besides the baby, because I know people get sick of it. I kind of never even considered this pre-baby because I thought me as a mother would be just like me before only well, with a baby.

8. I'm suddenly a morning person. Ok, not quite true, I'm a fake morning person. Meaning I am awake instantly when she calls me in and can be chipper and act like I've been up forever. For someone who had insomnia for most of her life, and has ALWAYS been a night person. This change threw me off big time.

9. Itchy! I am seriously itchy someplace all the time. WTF?! Now I live in the country, so get spider bites, but this isn't bites. It's phantom itches. I hate this.

10. I've joined the club. Apparently having a baby gets you into this exclusive club. People who have never spoken to me before stop me in the hall to talk about my baby and their children/grandchildren etc. It's bizzare, they somehow KNOW I'm a mother even though to my knowledge we've never met. People who I thought didn't like me stop and ask to see pictures. People I haven't seen in decades send gifts. It's a nice weird, but still not something I expected.


  1. Haha, I agree with a bunch of these!

    Turtlenecks - totally. Something changes when you get pregnant and you just can't STAND things around your neck. Even short necklaces bug me now.

    Agree about Law & Order, and other movies like that. I read Jaycee Duggard's book (the entire book on the flight home from Florida actually) and it was really good but my heart just ached as she described her kidnapping. I felt her dread. Before I became a mom I'm not sure that would have happened.

    5, 6, 7, all of that!

    I was only a morning person when I was pregnant. My body woke up at 6am and I couldn't go back to sleep because I'd instantly get sick and have to eat, so I was up. Now that he's here though, I need my sleep again and I'm in bed til 8am.

    Oh man, I seriously thought I've noticed more itching than ever before, it's interesting you do too!

    And yep, the club. :)

  2. The only thing I want around my neck are sweet little baby arms! (and diamonds)

  3. LOL @ "and diamonds". :D

    I'm noticing the babies, too. I think it's because we're constantly thinking about them, and since that's the case, there seems to be an influx in babies. Announcements, pregnancies, births, baby clothes, the whole nine yards. That, and we're just in that time in our lives when our friends are getting pregnant and all that good stuff, so... yeah.

    Not helping the baby-craziness, though. ;)

    And your thing with turtlenecks is my thing with halter tops. Like someone's hanging on my neck all day, yuck! (Yes, I know I wore a halter to my own wedding. But the boobies supported the dress, not my neck.)