Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ten List Thursday: Thanksgiving

We knew it had to be this way, 10 things I'm really REALLY Thankful for. As always though, not in any order

1. My beautiful daughter, who makes me happier every day, I am thankful for her health, her sweetness, her beauty, her giggles and everything about her. I look at her and have my Faith renewed.

2. My husband, this probably also goes without saying, but he is a wonderful thoughtful man who will always support me, even if he mocks me lovingly anyway. He is brilliant, funny, handsome, and I love him so much.

3. My job, yeah I've made more money in other jobs (pre-econopocolyse), but I've never been happier at a workplace. I have a boss I adore. He's amazingly smart, and fun to be around and is also a great teacher. There are grad students whom I really enjoy working with (mostly :P) and I'm encouraged and pushed all at the same time. I really am blessed to be here (and I know it!)

4. My husband's new job. Seriously, this is amazing for us in so many ways. We are so lucky and so happy that this happened. Walking to work and working in the district your daughter will attend: priceless

5. Having family close by to watch the baby.

6. Our friends. I love that we have a core group of couples to spend time with and share life with. It's great to have them close enough to visit often.

7. My 'online' friends who are really so much more than that. I love you guys (especially my T&C's, past and present)

8. My E-group, even when (as I mentioned before) I want to strangle them :P. As a wise man once said "We'll be friends forever, you know too much" If only the rEtrEat was more than once a year <3

9. Sweet little Tully, I am really enjoying living in our town. I think it will be a good place for my darling to grow up in. <3

10. Knowing that no matter what, we'll be ok. Everything is getting better, little by little every day. I am grateful for the good things, the bad things to make us appreciate the good ones, and having the Grace to know how good we have it, even when things look bleak.


  1. Loved reading this. I'm thankful for your friendship :) Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Very thankful for you m'dear and our other darling E's, strangleworthy as we all are at times :-P But if we had the rEtrEat more than once a year it wouldn't be as special I think. The beauty of it is because we only have it once a year we all made a serious effort to get there when it does come! I do wish it were longer than the time we tend to have for it, especially now that most of us are married, are getting married, or have/plan on having children or live far away or have serious jobs that don't allot for a lot of time off like when we were young. Ahh, now I'm getting all wistful for Sage days in general :-P