Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ten List Thursday - Other blogs

Looking for something to add to your reading list for 2012?

Here are 10 blogs I follow and particularly love (back to no particular order folks) Also, there are WAY more than 10 blogs that I think are awesome, so there will be more ten lists like this for ya'll.

1. A Vegas Girl At Heart. (Full disclosure: Melissa is one of my best friends) I love this blog. It's versatile, full of inspiration for everything (except cooking haha), and also has handy dandy links, freebies, and tutorials. I especially love when a blog not only shows me something cool, but tells me how to do it in language I can understand. Also it's full of adorable pictures of her son, Austin. Who doesn't love cute babies?

2. Enjoy the Small Things. This is a mom blog written in a lovely style by Kelle Hampton and chronicles her life with her husband, 2 adorable girls (one with Down Syndrome), 2 step-sons, and pets in Florida. She's from Michigan so her full on enjoying life in Florida is tempered slightly by a homesickness she expresses so beautifully that you want to go home with her. She has style, class, and a joie de vivre that totally inspires me to BE IN THE MOMENT more with my family. Someday I would love to meet her. I wrote her an email that probably freaked her out as it was so love-letter-y.

3. Not Always Right I like a good laugh, Not Always Right (as in the Customer is) makes me laugh. It also makes me VERY grateful that I no longer work retail. Someone with my temper doesn't work well in retail.

4. Home Baked Happiness. (again a closer personal friend of mine), I do love baked goods, and I love this blog because I know she's made this stuff, I know because I've eaten a fair bit of it. I also happen to love the way she writes, so check it out...then make some of it!

5. CakeWrecks. This is sort of the antitheses of the blog above. (Other than the Sunday Sweets), It always makes me cringe and smile and all sorts of things. It pretty much speaks for itself.

6. Must have Cute So this one is part of the Cheezburger network, and I love it. I do some much Pinning from it that it's crazy. I also find a lot of fun gifts here. Sometimes it's hard to track down where to get the stuff, but it's always sweet.

7. The daily Squee. Ok, I guess this is now part of Cheezburger too, but it wasn't always. Full disclosure: I no longer look at this site because I get no work done at all when I do. It's that adorable. Plus the loud "AWWWWWWWWWWs" coming from my mouth are distracting. So no. But do I want you hooked on it? Hells yeah I do.

8. Tails from the Hart (Again, friend), I LOVE RACCOONS. My first word was (a version of) the word Raccoon. (Shut up Pat). This is the blog of a Raccoon (and other animal) rehabber. It is really fascinating work, and well, has videos of Raccoons!!!

9. Hyperbole and a Half Don't have much to say here, everyone reads this blog. And well, it hasn't been updated in a long time. I used to HATE the art style, but the blog is so funny that now I drank the Kool Aid and love it too.

10. Shopafrolic So I'm not sure this counts as a blog, but I love hearing about these trends, even if I can't afford a thing on it. I love the way these sisters can talk about the same fashions, agree, disagree whatever and do it with such elegance. Yeah I love this.


  1. Thank you so much for the shout out!!! :) I'm going to check out a few of these blogs, I hadn't heard of before.

  2. Thanks for the link love! :)