Monday, January 2, 2012

Ten List Thursday - New Year Hopes

3/3 of late posts! Whoop!

Ok, so here are Ten Things I'm looking forward to in the New Year.

1. Weddings! At least three of them!

2. My baby's second birthday in July. Here's hoping she's not a terrible two. Not that I think my sweet girl could be, she's proven me wrong before.

3. Several other FIRST birthdays!

4. Lots of cool science things at work. I have faith that my hard work and stubborn attitude will make my work!

5. Achieving my weight loss goals. I didn't lose any more in December, but the fact that I haven't gained anything thought it all makes me confidant that if I continue my lb a week goal through Liz and Erik's wedding I'm actually going to make it this time. I am happy to be getting healthy for me AND my girl.

6. Having an organized home. More on this later.

7. Project Life. I'm a wee bit behind on it now, but I plan on fixing that and working to keep it updated. If I can maintain my much hated lab notebook, I can maintain my much loved Project Life book.

8. Starting a photoblog. I think this will hopefully help towards my long term goal of no Facebook at all by 2013.

9. New Babies! I'm gonna be an "Aunt" this May, and other dear friends are expecting too. I love babies.

10. Adventures. No official ones planned yet, but I'm gonna be changing that.

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  1. I love babies too! :) I am hoping to make it out to you before Evangeline's 2nd birthday but if not, definitely for then :) This time I'm going to be planning a longer trip, too, because I just love the area.

    Yay for no Facebook! ;)

    And yay for Project Life. You can do it as you like it. Don't feel like you have to stick to the one layout a week like I do - I'm planning to use the new kit I got to scrap all my old pictures, and those will just be by event or by person or something, so you could do it that way, definitely. Like a photo album you just add journaling to. The new kits, btw, are up on Amazon. They're $25, and they contain all the journaling cards and title cards, so you don't have to cut any of your own inserts.

    Love you! Happy New Year :)